About Me

Early Years

My love for art started at an early age. I was always drawing or coloring as a kid. My Uncle worked for an advertising company, and would give me sheets of different fonts, that I would use to draw different types of lettering. That is where my love of typesetting & different lettering first began.While I still continued to do handmade art work throughout my life, it was around the same time that I was doing all the lettering stuff that I began getting very interested in computers.

My very first introduction to a computer was a Commodore 64 that my Mom had bought me. This was at the very beginning of the "web" and a ways before the first computers with Graphical User Interfaces. Everything was done on the command line. So I learned my first programming language, BASIC. I had every accessory made for the Commodore 64. I had the tape drive which stored the program you wrote on a tape cassette. I had the modem that would let you telnet into other computers. If you've seen the movie War Games, then you've pretty much seen the setup I had. I swear that movie was made about me. The only difference is my computer didn't have a voice box. I was calling into Drake University's library computers and playing text based games, including Global Thermal Nuclear War (The game featured in the movie). This was the very beginning of the Internet. They didn't have graphical user interfaces, or web pages yet, but this was the beginning of a home based computer connecting with another computer somewhere else, and executing commands on it.

At this same time, a computer store named Integrated Circuit had opened up a few blocks from my house. They were selling SuperMacs. These were generic versions of the very first Apple computers. They had 5.5" floppy drives, and also ran off the BASIC language. I was too young to actually get a job there, but the owners would let me hang out and write simple programs for them. This is where my love for programming, and computers first began.